Packaging Innovations for Brand Owners

What we do

We are looking for innovation projects – new packaging solutions jointly developed by Siegwerk, Brand Owners and Packaging Converters.

  • Improve your impact at the point of sale (PoS)
  • Develop innovative designs
  • Ensure global quality

In short, differentiate your packaging at the PoS with Siegwerk’s innovative printing ink solutions

How we do it

We strongly believe in the Network Approach – in the direct exchange between Brand Owners, Converters and Siegwerk.


To make the network approach happen, we organize Brand Owner INKdays covering the following topics:


We offer various formats with our experts to train your staff on inks and vanishes


We use Design Thinking Methods to jointly generate innovative ideas in packaging and printing inks


We develop a mutual understanding for each other’s challenges and build trust for closer collaborations

The benefit for Brand Owners:

  • Direct technical feedback
  • Quicker time to market of packaging innovations
  • Global quality

The benefit for converters:

  • Innovation Partner for joint packaging developments
  • Supplier with deep end-user understanding

The benefit for Siegwerk:

  • Understanding packaging challenges of end-users
  • Direct end-user feedback on new developments
  • Faster innovation cycles

Who we are

Let us introduce our Brand Owner Collaboration Team:

Belal Habib

Head of Global
Brand Owner Collaboration

Stefan Häp

Head of Technology and Innovation Brand Owner Collaboration EMEA

Our Brand Owner Collaboration Team:

  • coordinates all Brand Owner related activities across all regions and Business Units
  • organizes Brand Owner INKdays
  • brings you in contact with our experts
  • ensures creative, unorthodoxe and new thinking methods to solve your challenges